Swedish Massage


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Swedish massage is the scientific and systematic manipulation of  soft muscle muscle tissue in order to bring about a healing or therapeutic outcome.  I focus on relaxing your whole body from head to feet by rubbing your muscles with these long gliding strokes called effleurage, in the direction of the venous blood returning to the heart.  These massage movements are very relaxing for your nerves, which in turn through reflex action, relaxes the deeper organs and glands of your body.  Swedish massage also has some more stimulating heavier movements like kneeding, squeezing, rolling, frictioning, percussion--hacking, pummelling and cupping, and vibration which all help with breaking down muscle spasms, softening hard tissue, stimulating lazy wasted muscles.  These movements have been clinically found to improve oxygenated blood flow throughout the body, and also to stimulate processes of assimilation and digestion.   Swedish massage has well known  therapeutic effects of relieving pain, reducing swelling, tonifying the muscles, breaking down of adhesions and knots, and improving elimination of toxic acid wastes.   It is also a very enjoyable process leaving you in a stress free and often euphoric state of mind.  

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