Sports Massage


Quick Info:

 Intense training for sporting events by athletes can bring about muscle fatigue due to the build up of metabolic wastes(lactic acid ) and poorly conditioned muscles with reduced muscle tone,  So over strained muscles often become sore and stiff, and more highly prone to injury with resulting sprains and tears in the muscles, ligaments and tendons.   Once injuries have happened, scar tissue and adhesions form in the muscle fibres, and this then reduces blood circulation, lack of mobility and a resulting decrease in your performance.

In Sports Massage I use a variety of strong massage techniques to boost athletes performance.  This massage covers the areas of pre event, mid event, and post event massage, training massage and rehabilitation massage.  Benefits of sports massage include: Increased muscle tone and endurance, increased blood circulation and acid waste removal, reduces cramping and prevents injury, reduces formation of muscle adhesion and scar tissue, increases muscle recovery rate and overall performance. and extends your career as an athlete .   

I have helped to completely rehabilitate many injured sporting athletes over my 22years of clinical practice.   I use a combination of strong sports massage, myofascial resistant stretches, muscle energy techniques, hot and cold herbal compresses and exercise routines in order to get you back competing in the fastest possible time.

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