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Reiki means 'Life Force Energy' and is the Japanese name given for the profound yet simple system of natural healing for mind and body.  There are two types of life force energy: 1)  Internal life force energy(ILFE)--in the human body ILFE is the subtle energy existing in the mind and body of all living things.  In the human body ILFE runs energy pathways called meridians, and when these meridians become blocked due to muscle adhesions for example, then sickness can be the result.   External life force energy(ELFE) exists within flowers, plants, crystals and minerals and this energy is often collected, stored and used for healing purposes as in herbal and homeopathic medicines.  When Reiki Energy(being conducted through my hands) comes into contact with ILFE that is blocked or imbalanced, it dissolves, transforms and raises the quality of that energy to the highest level that our mind, body and enviroment will allow.  

A Reiki treatment can have many benefits:   1) Releasing negative patterns of behaviour.   2)  Gentle emotional release.   3) Clearing headaches    4) Eliminating stomach and body pains.   5) Calmness and inner peace.  6)Increased energy levels   7) Increased mind clarity and stronger intuitive abilities.  8) Clearer physical senses.  9) Developing inner wisdom.  10) Feeling more happy, healthy and whole.

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