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Reflexology is an powerfully effective form of therapeutic foot massage.  It is also a fascinating science and a creative art form, as much depends on the energy dynamics between therapist and client, and the skill and healing precision of the therapist.   Reflexology is a 'wholistic' healing technique that  aims to treat all the individual pieces of a person as a whole, incorporating body, mind and spirit, with the aim of inducing a state of  harmony and balance in that person.  Your feet are a miniature map of your whole body, and all body parts,organs and glands are reflected in your feet as reflex areas in a pattern similar to their positioning on your body.   The art of reflexology is very different to basic foot massage in that it is a precise pressure technique that works on specific reflex points on your feet that correspond with all body parts.  Firm direct pressure is applied to the particular reflex area on your foot using thumb and finger techniques--this sends an electromagnetic signal via the nervous system to the corresponding organ in your body encouraging it to start eliminating its toxins and acid wastes.  Thus your feet can play a major role in attaining and maintaining optimum health, as through reflexology your body's own healing potential is stimulated and physiological changes are brought into play.

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