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Organic Comfrey Cream


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My Organic Comfrey Cream is made from a tincture from my own comfrey leaves that I grow organically in my own garden.  I then combine this tincture with an acquous cream base, plus aromatherapy oils including  Lemon Grass, Rosemary, Wild Orange, and Bergamot. 

Comfrey( Symphytum Officinale) is well known for its healing properties.   The name is derived from the Greek: 'Sympho' --to ''unite'', which refers to the plants reputation for healing broken bones, torn muscle tissues etc.   Its common names include Knit-Bone, Bone Set and Bruise Wort.   Among others, Comfrey contains two specific substances: Allantion and Choline, which promote healthy growth of red blood corpuscles, vital after excessive loss of blood from injury.   For external use,  Comfrey is an effective remedy for breaks, sprains, bruises and inflamed/torn tendons.    It is invaluable in the treatment of Arthritis when applied as a poultice, plus using Comfrey cream in general between applications.   Comfrey speeds up the healing process in fractures; relieves muscle/tendon pains and heals inflammation of joints, wounds and skin disorders(Eczma and Psoriasis)--and is an exceptional moisturiser for face, hands and feet.   The application of Comfrey Cream offers great relief for Haematomas and Haemorrhoids as well.   


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