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Firstly will perform a thorough examination of yourself in order to discover the underlying cause of your disease symptoms.   This involves:  1) Iridology and scelerology diagnosis.   2) Classical homeopathic consult.  3) Face & tongue diagnosis.   4) Reflexology diagnosis.

If I then find using these above techniques that your system is highly acidic(ranging from acute to chronic), then I will prescribe certain low potency homeopathic drainage remedies that will pull these toxins and acid wastes out of the organs, tissues and glands of your body.   At the same time I will put you onto an alkaline forming diet that will counteract this excessive acid buildup and brings your system into the alkaling range(PH 7 and upwards) by forming an accumulation of ash residue deposits in the gut after metabolism.  If I find that your lymphatic system is sluggish and congested, then I'll prescribe homeopathic drainage remedies, minerals, herbs, lymphatic drainage massage in order to stimulate the flow of these lymph fluids.  If I find heavy metals(mercury, lead etc.) deposited in your organs and bodily tissues, then I'll prescribe a heavy metal drainage remedy and a course of  chelation therapy.  If during the iridology diagnosis I find you have a enlarged toxic fatty liver, then you will be put on specific homeopathic remedies, certain herbs and minerals, and a liver cleansing diet.  If it shows up that you have several bowel pockets (diverticulosis) in your large intestine, then I will put you on a hydrating colon cleanse, a colonic irrigation program, as well as minerals, herbs and certain changes to your diet to cleanse your bowels of acid waste.  

If you are carrying too much weight and are keen to lose it, then I can help you with a specialised weight loss program tailored for your needs, which will improve your digestion and metabolism, balance your hormones and blood sugar levels, and raise you overall energy levels.

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