Iridology & Sclerology


Quick Info:

In the iridology and scelerology session, I look into your eyes with a strong magnifying glass.  

This will reveal the following:  

1)    Heavy metals, toxins and acid waste in organs, glands and body tissues.

2)    Tissue strenghts and weaknesses.

3)     Constitutions--genetic inheritance mainly from past 3 generations.

4)     Condition of lymphatic system indicating if it is congested or sluggish.

5)     Nutritional difficiencies and imbalances.

6)     Specific predispositions.

7)     Disturbances in the metabolism.

8)     Primary nurture points.

9)     Personality types

10)   Condition of arteries and major veins of body eg. hardening and constriction.

With an iridology and scelerology diagnosis, you can discover how well you are put together, where your body will become ill, how much sustained abuse your body has handled since very young, which organs and glands are at greater risk, specific underlying causes for your physical symptoms and what behavioural and emotional patterns are influencing these conditions.  

The most important aspect of an iridology and scerlerology diagnosis is this.    It is a powerful health screening tool that will enable you to implement preventative strategies to avoid acute and chronic diseases in the future.

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