Hot Stone Massage


Quick Info: 

Hot stone massage is an ancient art, and was first used by the Chinese practitioners over 5000 years ago(Bian stones).   Also the native North American Indians and the Europeans employed it going back to 1500 B.C..   The    smoothly polished basalt stones that I use in Hot Stone massage give off a deeply penetrating heat, that relaxes the muscles and allows me to access deeper muscle layers which gives a more profound overall effect.   I firstly position special placement stones on certain acupressure or 'energy' point(spine, feet and hands and toes), to help prepare your body for this treatment.   Then by holding the heated stones in my hands I will begin with a series of gliding strokes and steady pressures(on acupressure and trigger points) over your tight knotted up muscles, tendons and ligaments, to warm and deeply relax them, while taking away stress, and chronic pain.  This hot stone massage will expand your blood and lymph vessels, which will improve your circulation and lymph flow, aid in stimulating your immune system, help with detoxification and strengthen your digestion.  Hot stone therapy has been shown to be safe and effective in taking away the pain of  arthritis, fibromyalgia, carpal tunnel syndrome, while improving joint flexibility and giving you a deeply relaxing,calming an enjoyable experience.

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