Homeopathic Vaccination Remedies


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1)     Homeopathic Alternative To Vacinations or properly called: Homeoprophylaxis 

Using the Law of Similars, carefully selected potentised homeopathic medicines will greatly reduce the chances of a client developing the characteristic symptoms of an infectious disease.  This homeoprophylaxtic protection against disease has been clinically established and well documented by some of greatest homeopathic medical doctors over the last 200 years.   How do these homeopathic remedies give protection?   Answer:  These homeoprophylaxtic remedies reduce the clients sensitivity to the dynamic stimulus of the bacteria or virus, which lessens the clients predisposition to being overcome by this stimulus.   These powerful remedies are made from either plants, or minerals, or animal products or from nosodes(made from diseased tissue that is homeopathically active but is rendered chemically harmless). The level of protection has been found to average around 90% efficacy, also with none of the long term toxic side effects of the medical vaccines.   

I have available for sale a Homeoprophlylaxtic Homeopathic Preventative kit for babies,infants and small children ranging from birth to 7 years of age, consisting of 20 vials which will give a complete and thorough protective coverage for all acute and chronic diseases around in our enviroment today.   Also included in the kit is a progam status sheet clearly showing the times and dates when to give these homeoprophylaxtic remedies over this 7 year period.  

I also have for sale a Homeoprophylaxtic Homeopathic Travel Kit available for prevention against dangerous diseases if travelling through Asian and African countries(10 vials)--thoroughly tested to be 100% safe and very effective. 

2)     Homeopathic Treatment of Symptoms of Vaccine Damage.  

In 1988 The US Government introduced a National Vaccine Injury Compensation Scheme, and up to 2008 has paid out over 2 billion dollars(Australian) for compensation for death and serious injuries from Vaccinations given out by Doctors in the US from 1988 to 2008.   Unfortunately the Australian Government does not have a similar compensation scheme, and there is a culture among most GP's to refuse to acknowledge vaccine damage.  

Over the last 10 years I have been able to antidote the toxic long term side effects that many vaccine damaged children suffer from, by using 4 ascending potencies of the actual vaccine(in a homeopathic preparation). eg. antidoting the effects of the DPT vaccine on ADHD children, in order for all the ADHD symptoms to disappear over a couple month period. or eg. antidoting the effects of the MMR vaccine on children with Autism, in order for their symptoms of Autism to disappear.

For extensive info, support groups and numerous studies done on vaccine damaged adults and children go to following websites: 1)   vaccination information service--<www.vaccination.inoz.com>  ph 0291446625 emil:vaccinfo@bigpond.com  

2)  Vaccination Awareness and Infomation Service(VAIS) Call Stephanie on 0738215454 or 0412671922 email: growingawareness@hotmail.com 

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