Ear Candling


Quick Info:

Ear candlles originated in the ancient culture of the Hopi Indians in America.   Ear candling is deeply relaxing for all of your senses and very calming for your mind,   It is beneficial for improving lack of hearing and mild deafness by clearing old hardening wax from your ear canal in a gentle and pain free manner.  Clinical studies have shown that ear candling helps improve the conditions of tinnitis, vertico, sinus congestion and headaches.  

Ear candles are simple to use: Lie on your side with your head resting on a pillow.  I will light the candle and place the non-burning end gently into the outer ear passage, then slightly turn it until the candle is sealed in place. I will hold the ear candle firmly in place, making sure that the flame is well away from any hair.   Then you simply close your eyes and relax as you listen to the hissing and crackling of the flame while you smell the bees wax, honey,sage and chamomile flooding your senses.  

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