Classical Homeopathy


 Quick Info:

Homeopathy is based on a natural law that Hippocrates discovered more than 2500 years ago--The Law Similars.  This law that states:"What a substance will cause in a large dose in a healthy person, it will also cure in a minute homeopathic dose in  a sick person"    Samuel Hahnemann, a German phsician and chemist discovered how to put this law into practice around 200 years ago, and hence homeopathy in the west was born.    Homeopathy is a naturopathic form of medicine--it aims to work in together with nature rather than smash her.  Its aim is to give support to the body's own natural ability to heal, rather than to override and suppress it.  The bacteria or the virus is not the 'disease' but only the organisms that invade when the body's defences are weakened.  Also the headache,inflammation, fever and diarrhoea are not the disease either, but the body's desperate attempt to rid itself of toxic waste and return to normality.  

Homeopathy treats people as people and not as bearers of disease( as allopathic medicine would have you believe).   Homeopathy is a very individual unique treament and looks at a person as a whole.  The most effective homeopathic remedy is the always the one which matches up these three things: the physical symptoms, mental and emotional symptoms, and the constitutional factors of the person.  Homeopathy is a safe and natural medicine, with no side effects.  It is non-addictive( because of a very minute amount of the active ingredient used in the remedy), and does not require experiments on animals(only provings on healthy people).  It is a very cheap but very effective medicine.

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