Chinese Cupping


Quick Info:

Chinese cupping involves the application of one or a cluster of suction cups to an area on the body where there are muscle knots and adhesions or to an area of lymphoedema or swelling of body tissue. Cupping has the opposite effect on the body tissues to that of massage--cupping will loosen and stretch the underlying facia and muscle tissue, which causes an inflow of blood and fluid into the expanded tissue.  Cupping also brings about rehydration of hardened contracted muscle fibres.  

So uses for Chinese cupping are:  

1)   Stretches muscle fibres, body tissues and fascia.  

2)   Releases trigger points.  

3)   Increases the flow of congested lymph.

4)   Increases local blood flow.                                                    

5)   Eliminates toxins and acid wastes.

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