About Bill Horton Massage & Therapy

In my 22 years of clinical experience on the Sunshine Coast, I have developed a unique ‘holistic’ approach to healing the mind, body and spirit.  I release your muscle spasms, restructure and lengthen your shortened contracted muscles, and realign your posture to its correct position.   On an energetic level, I am correcting and rebalancing the flow of chi by clearing blockages in your body's meridians (energy pathways).   Also I employ various homoeopathic remedies, mineral supplements and herbal medicines to help clear the congestion.

So then if you follow the treatment plan that I provide for you, I will guarantee to remove all your stress, strain and pain, eradicate any disease or illness and have you enjoying a strong vital life force, 

Diploma of Remedial Massage-Nambour Tafe 2012

 I obtained my Diploma of Remedial Massage from the Nambour Tafe Colledge in 2012.

Diploma of Homeopathy

I obtained my Diploma of Homeopathy from the British Institute of Homeopathy in 2011

Australian Traditional Medicine Society (A.T.M.S.)

I firstly became a member of the A.T.M.S. in 1996 and have been a fully accredited member ever since.

Certificate 3 in Swedish & Remedial Massage

I obtained this Cert 3 in Swedish & Remedial Massage from the Unity School of Healing in Nambour in 1996.

Current Certificate in CPR and First Aid

Every 3 years I have to update my CPR training to fulfill the requirements shown in this CPR and First Aid Certificate.